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fhgui [Owner]

Bloo, is to manage as well as fund fallen smp. The owner oversees each job and severs under fallen smp. The owner as well as can fill in any job that he is needed to share the workload. Bloo has owned fallen smp for over 6 years and he plans to continue his work of creating a welcoming community with the help of his dedicated staff members.

Gamecrazybro [Co-Owner]

GameCrazyBro is to review and judge punishments as well as ban appeals. With Game being an unbiased third party who can view each situation fairly. We can ensure that our punishment system is done correctly and fairly without bias or special treatment. As well as protecting against staff abuse of power. If you are a banned member fill out the appeal do not contact Game or anyone else!

Yesnobody [Staff Manager]

Yesnobody is to share the workload and manage staff members. Yesnobody helps the owner bloo a lot of time filling in for staff members and sharing the workload so the server can run smoothly and efficiently. He also takes a leadership role to deal with players or other staff members when the owner is busy or away.

Damightydumpling [Applications]

Vastelle is to review and manage every application that comes through. If you apply your application will most likely be seen by Vastelle. She has been doing the application the longest out of any of the staff members As well as working hard to make sure that only mature and active members get through. However, she is willing to help people improve on their applications to get accepted into fallen. If you are having trouble getting in feel free to reach out on social media for help from her.

GodRyo [Interviews]

Ryo is to manage and review every interview that comes through. Ryo works hard to make sure that the person being interviewed meets our requirements to join the smp. They have been our longest interviews staff member on record and have accepted many new members to the smp. If you get approved by Vastelle you will speak to Ryo when you do the interview.

Kamizzel [Media Head]

Kamizzel is to post new builds and photos of the server. With kamizzles hard work, we have built a following on Instagram using cool builds on the server. Kamizzle works hard to find a cool build to show off to new people and bring new members to the server. IF you have a cool build that you want to be posted send it over to kamizzel!

TheWilburDog [Media Head]

Wilbur is to make tik tok as well as a few videos for the fallen smp channel. Wilbur works hard with the rest of the media people to promote and make video and tik tok for the server. Wilbur brings in 100’s of new eyes and members to fallen smp with his hard work and massively view videos. Some getting over 4 million views total!

notRainyPaws [Events Coordinator]

Rainy is to manage and plan out events to build a community on fallen smp as well as make fun things for members to do. Rainy works hard to create and run fun events that fallen members can attend with their friends or meet new ones. With movie nights, Uhc, and other mini-games rainy works to keep the server active and fun! If you have an idea for an event or would like a certain event to be run by the community or an official fallen event contact rainy to get the event going!

JC_C [District Coordinator]

JC_C is to build paths and come up with concepts for the new district for fallen smp. He works hard to bring fun new things for members to do, he listens well to the members and takes their ideas putting them into a concept. If you have an idea for a district or want to find a space to build in one Jc will find a place for you. He has been one of the hardest working staff members to keep the server in good condition.

Lynck [Server Dev]

Lynck works hard to maintain and keep the server running smoothly. He works hard maintaining plugins and fixing things that may go wrong. His knowledge of dev work, java, and code allows us to run fallen smp and the box that it's on. If you have dev questions or notice problems that need fixing him kindly in the #messagesforstaff when you get in the discord. Without him, we wouldn’t have a server!

Jint3x [Server Dev]

Jint3x is to make as well as maintain the fallen smp website, everything you see on this website is maybe by him. He works hard to keep the applications and website running smoothly without any glitches. He made our current personal application system that no other smp has as well as the amazing website that we have. If a glitch happens on the website he will go hard to work finding out the problem and fixing it!