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History of Fallen SMP - Vanilla

The beginning of Fallen SMP

Fallen Smp was started and run by a person named Brendon, with the help of heyitsluigi bloo was accepted to join fallen smp first season and be in the intro. As time went on bloo and Luigi worked hard to remove the current corrupt Co-owner who spawned in times. Soon bloo became the co-owner and grew fallen smp with his youtube channel. Bringing in a lot of new members to play on the smp. However, over time the member was not happy with the current owner his actions ruined their experiences on the server. Soon they purposed a plan for bloo to take ownership as of the smp and become the permanent owner of fallen.

The first Fallen seasons

After bloo took ownership of fallen smp the name was changed to Island smp, bloo did not see fit to take the name of the previous smp if the previous owner wanted to continue the name and run the smp after the members had left and bloo had taken ownership. However, over time it was clear the previous owner did not want to keep the name or run an smp. Bloo took back the name knowing that it would be a great name for a long-term smp and in season 2 the reboot of fallen smp was launched. In the early seasons of fallen smp, there were no plugins or protection for member's items. It would ruin the morale of members to see their items damaged and having to rebuild. Till bloo and the staff added plugins like core protect as well as other plugins to maintain the server. When these items were added fallen was able to maintain a good player base

Season 7, The change

Season 7 was one of the most notable times, bloo learned how to lead and to keep drama out of the server. This was one of the most drama-filled seasons as members broke rules and cause drama attempting to slander and end fallen smp. Through this process bloo learned how to keep toxicity to a low and made new rules with yesnobody and gamecrazybro to rebuild fallen into what it is today. Without these key pivotal people and events fallen smp would not be the professionally run smp that it is today. Around this time thanks to devs like lynck and Dreamz fallen were able to upgrade to its box and custom plugins, data packs, and Java version. This allowed fallen to set itself apart from other SMPS by reducing lag and having control over its box vs a host being a middle man.

Present Fallen SMP

In present-day fallen is one of the oldest and biggest private application based smp. With its application and interview process as well as website. New members can check the status of their application and well get quick fast info to improve on the smp. Fallen smp promotes itself like no other smp with a huge following on tik tok and a decent following on youtube. This allow fallen to stand out in the smp space. Other SMPS now follow the fallen lead making their social media so they can grow and promote their smp, however, they still do not compare to the dedication fallen smp has to videos and promotions. So if you want to join an smp that is like no other considerations apply to fallen smp today and be part of the history!