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Fallen SMP - Vanilla

The Vanilla server or the main fallen smp server is the first and is the most active out of fallen SMP's servers. We work hard to maintain the server as well as to make sure the member's builds are protected and rules are being followed. We make sure to keep the server drama-free and running with minimum all lag at all times!

Always Online

The vanilla server is hosted on our dedicated box that we maintain and control. With this added control of being our host, we can keep the server running 24/7 as well as maintain up to 50+ members during the start of each season. This allows us to have much more control over the vanilla server than other smps.

Active and Friendly Staff

We have a nice decent number of staff members that want to help players with any part of the smp. Whether it's applying or setting up an event our staff are committed to making a welcoming community. As well as uploading the rules and expectations that fallen smp has for every member. With the number of staff members, we can cover all time zones as well as uphold the rules and expectations of every community member.